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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

They're Hiring!!!! -Dispatcher

So I am looking through the local newspaper and what do I see? 

The agency that I just left is, yep, hiring again!!!!

I went in to see some of the co-workers a month ago and the boss was sitting at the console.  He asks me if I want my job back and I starred at him.

"Is the mapping fixed?" I ask.

He replies, "No"

I continue, "Is the computer addressing fixed?"

He replies, "No"

I state "Then Nope!  But thank you for asking!"

The next few weeks I go in there again and am introduced to several new hires.  Yeah!!! They have new people to help!!

And today, I am looking in the paper and what do I see? 

A nice add that states they are hiring for dispatchers!!

For the size of their agency they hire more then the large agency I came from ever did in the 8 years I worked there!!

So I ask Officer, as a joke, knowing his reply, "Shall I apply?" 

I'll let you guess at the expression on his face.  It was priceless!!! So was the "Oh Hell No!!!"

I think he likes just how spoiled he is now that I am home and not busy with that 'work' thing!  In fact I know he is happy with just how spoiled he is.  I make him his own yogurt and snacks and homemade bread for his sandwiches and I figured out how to make lunch meat cheaper then you can get in the grocery store!! 

Which he sends me a text that he is ruined and will never be able to go back to the fake tasting deli meat!!

Now, that is some awesome job security!!!

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