Tuesday, March 20, 2012

They're Hiring!!!! -Dispatcher

So I am looking through the local newspaper and what do I see? 

The agency that I just left is, yep, hiring again!!!!

I went in to see some of the co-workers a month ago and the boss was sitting at the console.  He asks me if I want my job back and I starred at him.

"Is the mapping fixed?" I ask.

He replies, "No"

I continue, "Is the computer addressing fixed?"

He replies, "No"

I state "Then Nope!  But thank you for asking!"

The next few weeks I go in there again and am introduced to several new hires.  Yeah!!! They have new people to help!!

And today, I am looking in the paper and what do I see? 

A nice add that states they are hiring for dispatchers!!

For the size of their agency they hire more then the large agency I came from ever did in the 8 years I worked there!!

So I ask Officer, as a joke, knowing his reply, "Shall I apply?" 

I'll let you guess at the expression on his face.  It was priceless!!! So was the "Oh Hell No!!!"

I think he likes just how spoiled he is now that I am home and not busy with that 'work' thing!  In fact I know he is happy with just how spoiled he is.  I make him his own yogurt and snacks and homemade bread for his sandwiches and I figured out how to make lunch meat cheaper then you can get in the grocery store!! 

Which he sends me a text that he is ruined and will never be able to go back to the fake tasting deli meat!!

Now, that is some awesome job security!!!


Raji said...

I read your blogs and they are really good. Thanks to both of you for sharing your experiences. Wishing you the very best.

regia said...

hi there, its regina and i haven't had internet for sometime and i have missed reading your blog...seems you guys still have it going on..good for you 2. so i have alot to catch up on...i'm the one who wants to get into dispatch for 911

Abbye Klamann said...

Hey 'Dispatcher' (and her officer!), First of all, love your blog. You have very relatable LEO/LEO family content and a very conversational writing style. I would love to profile you as one of our TOP LEO blogs. Any way to contact you directly to discuss further?? Looking forward to hearing from you! --Abbye Klamann (AKlamann@calcas.com)

DispatchTherapy said...

I have been perusing your blog, new to the blog world my self, and have really enjoyed all of the experience and know-how you bring with you to your blog. I will keep reading, even though you aren't dispatching for the time being! :)

The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

DispatchThereapy.. thank you so much for reading.. Looks like we are back... ready to spread hate and discontent!! The later is a joke!! I was kidding! ;-)But really glad to be writing!