Monday, November 28, 2011

Stupid or just plain ignorant - Officer

I was called to a shoplift at one of the "national high end department stores" in town.  Here is this occupy wall street protestor shop lifting watches to sell for cigarettes.  He is nonchalant about his crimes, which technically are worth about $62.00 in theft.  In his bag, I find several more watches, which he proudly proclaims he stole from another large chain store on Black Friday.  I personally know he was picked up shoplifting at yet a third chain store a week ago.  He knows the system isn't going to do anything to him, he will be booked, and released with a court date.  He has been given his Miranda rights and is cooperative about telling me about his crimes. 

I go to pat him down for anything else on him, and I feel what I KNOW is a large bag of dried vegetation in his pocket in a plastic baggie.  I haven't smelled any marijuana yet, and ask him about the weed.  He tells me it's not marijuana.  I ask it's not?  He says no.  I ask him if I can pull it out and check.  He says sure!  I pull it out.  He was right.  It wasn't marijuana.  It was mushrooms.  "See! I told you it wasn't weed! It's Mushrooms!" He went on to detail how he had heard about where to get them, and when he had gotten them, never realizing weed, which is a ticket in our state, was nothing like mushrooms, a felony.  Oooops! 

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Dave Bennett said...

Not so cheerful now, is he? ha ha ha!

I hate shoplifters. I have to pay around 20% more for stuff because of them.