Saturday, May 14, 2011

New World CAD Bites!!! - Dispatcher

This is just my own opinion!!!

I won't even mention all the other dispatcher's that I have spoken to about this New World Aegis CAD system that we are using and apparently seems to be sweeping across the nation as being one of the leading 'best' systems.  I haven't met one dispatcher that says they actually like it! Apparently, I came from an agency that ran a third teared system.  However, I would take the Data911 CAD system against this system any day of the week!!!!!

Please allow me to vent!  First let me say that the system IS NOT set up correctly!  It's not even set up completely! CAD means Computer Aided Dispatching, which means that this computer system should aid me in dispatching units to a call.  It does not!  No suggestions, no clue on what area or who's territory this is!!  You do not want to know what I have to do to verify who actually responds to Oak St.  Trust me... It's long detailed and well..... I always get it wrong!!
It should aid me in putting an officer on a traffic stop and running his plate and then running his drivers license easily and effectively so as to keep the officer out of harms way!  It does not!!!!  Far from it!!

The key strokes that we have to do to 1. put an officer on a stop are enormous and unnecessary.  2.  The mouse work that is required is unspeakable!  and 3.  Where is the darn command for running the DL without opening up the call and opening up the stupid tiny tab to run the DL... I want to do it from the Command line without having to remember how many darn semi colons go between the stupid address and the license plate!!!  (3 for your information!)

Whoever created this program has either never been a dispatcher or hasn't been a dispatcher recently or has never worked for an agency with more then 3 units going out on traffic at once while trying to dispatch a water rescue!!!! And yes I read the manual to this system I found laying around.

I have on the other hand figured out how to skip the F10 function of creating a quick call and doing it all from the command line. While running the License plate only (only works if its not out of state plate).  Saves about 12 keystrokes.  

How do you close a call and enter disposition from the command line?  I haven't figured that one out!  I miss my quick and easy 5G12 C.80..1A3.R (ENTER) and the call was done!!!!  I am getting sick of putting the unit in service click with the mouse, click the boxes they called out and then clicking close and returning to the keyboard!!! 

Data911 I miss you!!!  I miss the simple easy functions.  Yes you crashed more!! But you were so much safer in the long run for our officers! 


Theresa said...

Oh yay..we are going live with New World in mid-June..glad to hear it's so awesome,lol.

The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

Theresa, I'm so sorry. Plan for many nites at happy hour. You're going to need to be numb. Seriously..... its a bad program. I just spoke to my old agency. The lt said they tried to sell it to them, but he found it to limiting! I'm so glad they passed on it and went to data911.

I'm here if you have questions!

Mo said...

We have ARMS. I HATE IT! I've heard good things about Spillman...

Theresa said...

Well, we've been live a month now, and I have to say IT SUCKS, lol. It seems like it';s great for Command staff to be able to pull reports, stats, etc, but I totally get what you were saying in your post. It isn't very user/dispatcher friendly at all. Plus they offered practically no support. We have had to kind of figure it out as we went along. Not fun.I'd go back to our 20+ yr old system any day of the week.

The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

Theresa,... I am so sorry.. They dumped it all on us also!!! Let me know if you need any ideas!

The one saving grace I found it how to put an officer out on a stop from the command line..


i wonder if its the same for you.

MrKGB said...

Not alone:

DB said...

I am now 4 days into this new system as a in the field user. I have been doing this job for 18 years and I feel like I just started - I have no idea what I am doing ... good times - government funds well spent

Unfortunate Soul said...

I just started as a dispatcher for a county in here Michigan. They recently (last year sometime) switched to the New World CAD. I think I'm pretty tech savvy after reading parts of the manual have found it's very customizable. If whoever sets up the program properly you can do a lot from the command line. (yes there is a few times you have to click with the mouse and slow you down, but over all speed isn't too bad) the main issue is it seems New World can't get their act together to fix bugs, map issues, feature issues...but I guess I'll find out.

The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

@ Unfortunate Soul.. Is this your first time working on a CAD system? It would be interesting to see if you worked on another one before.

I still stand by.. that it plain.. well... bites!!! Sucks!!! It horrible!

And whats up with the mapping system not working... That's essential!

I hear from officers that they aren't happy with it on their end either. Actually, the only end I am hearing that likes it, is the administration end. Apparently it makes great reports on their end!



Vanbo said...

Was that the MSP version of New World CAD or the newer CAD.NET?

I know of ways to fix about half of the things you mentioned in GIS, command maintenance, ... in our test environment anyway... we have not gone live yet.

The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

Vanbo It was the New World CAD system. I no longer work there. And from what I have heard... its exactly the same as it was. Which is broken and not fixed. I did find shortcuts to several things. They were cumbersome and while they took some memorizing I was able to learn them and cut a little bit of work off my plate. However, others in the center were not willing to do the same. Sadly. They just lived with it the way it was. :-(