Sunday, December 21, 2014

Failure to communicate - Officer

If I may draw your attention to my post last week, I have another to be continued story.  I love social media.  Especially when it can be used in court.  So, if you recall, I stopped the young man for 65 in a 45.  He thought I should be harrassing murderers, I asked him to point one out so I could focus harrassment on a murderer, blah blah blah. 

So, being the genius he is, not realizing that the theory of 6 degrees of separation is actually 3 degrees of separation in social media, he went on a rant on Facebook regarding my harassment.  I was forwarded this screen shot of his page by a coworker, who received it from a friend.  Of course I not only saved it in anticipation of using it as a foil today, but for court, when I may use it as rebuttal evidence of his minimizing (8 mph over the speed limit as opposed to 20 mph) his violation.  8 mph over the limit is still a violation...  but I digress, it reminds me of an old joke.

A man walks up to a lady in a bar and asks her if she would sleep with him for a million dollars.  The woman replies that she would.  He then asks if she would instead sleep with him for ten dollars.  The woman becomes indignant and replies that she would not, and just what kind of a woman does the man believe her to be.  The man replies that fact has already been established.  He was just dickering a price now. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Police Harrassment - Officer

While on patrol today, I clocked a guy who was about 23 years old going 65 MPH in a 45MPH zone leaving a business district onto the open highway (55 MPH zone).  I make a U-turn and light him up for the violation.  He explained that he though he had been in the 55 MPH zone, but did not deny the 65 MPH speed. 

I went back to my unit, and noted the man had a bad driving record.  Stevie Wonder, bless his heart, could probably get better auto insurance rates.  I scratched the cite.  Upon my return, this guy is changing 3 shades of red.  I literally thought the man was going to explode.  He started venting a litany of typical excuses, and I let him blow off the steam.  He was saying such things as I was going with the flow of traffic, I was passing a guy, I was trying to get away from the guy riding my ass, I personally know that you can go 5 MPH over the speed limit and not get harassed... I had to stop him there... and asked him where he got that info.  He glossed over my question and said... DUH DUH DUH..."You are harassing me!" 

He continued saying that I should be out there investigating real crimes like murder.  He said, "I didn't kill anyone!"  I had to stop this horse!  "Whoa whoa whoa, I never accused you of murder sir. I believe we are failing to communicate!  I said you were speeding!"  Well, that pushed him over the edge and he began screaming at me, "What gives you the right to harass me?"  I had to calm him down, because every time I started to answer, he interrupted.  I finally stood there just looking at him and he slowly calmed down.  I asked if he were done, and he said yes.  I explained the citation to him and asked if he had any questions.  He didn't let it go.  He said, "Yeah! What gives you the right to harass me like this?"  I asked him if he really wanted me to answer that.  He said, "Yes."

Ok, I would like to say I didn't enjoy what I answered him, but, I would be lying, and sarcasm is still standard issue, so... "Sir, when I was hired, they sent me to school.  And at this school they taught me lots of things.  They also gave me a greeeeeaaaat big book.  Now in this book are lots of laws.  One of these laws says that if you drive faster than the speed limit, then I get to stop you and give you a citation for that violation."  About this point I think he heard enough, because he started yelling again.  As he yelled, I asked if he had any other questions, but he never stopped yelling, so I gave him the standard, "Thank you, have a nice day and drive safe" close and walked back to my patrol unit.  He left.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Remember Bribery Boy? - Officer

If I can direct your attention to the last post I made, regarding bribery boy, you will better understand this post.

So bribery boy was indicted by the grand jury for felony bribery, and was awaiting trial.  He has since posted bail, with the assistance from his father, so he does not need to remain in jail.  And as part of his release agreement, he agrees to obey all laws, not to purchase firearms, etc, etc.

What is the first thing bribery boy does?  Tries to go buy a gun at a gun store.  Police were called to the store regarding the denial of sale, and he actually told the police, he did not realize what felony indictment on the ATF form meant, even though it explained have been charged with a crime where you could serve over a year in jail.  He further did not recall his agreement regarding weapons in the release agreement.  His bail was revoked (and surrendered) and he was arrested for FEDERAL and state crimes.  DOH!!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

People Teach Us How To Treat Them -Dispatcher

We came from a large city.  Huge!  Where you could shop and run errands and work and never see someone you knew... Or someone that knew what you did for a living.

It was nice!!!

Really, really nice!!

And I didn't appreciate it for what it offered.

I felt vunerable there.  As if I was one moment away from being Robbed or CarJacked.  And to be honest....

I was one moment away.

When we left we left for a quieter  life where we knew the people around us and people smiled.

Well, we do know the people around us... and they do smile.  It is nice... But there was one thing I didn't really take into consideration.

Everyone knows us... and what we do.. and where we live!

Where we live!!!!!

And while it is a small community... I am still a big city girl with the big city experiences.

And it is really unnerving that people we don't know knows everything about us!!!! 

And while it has been 4 years.... I still hate people asking me "Where do you live?"

And I want to reply, "None of you cotton picking mind!!!!"
(No disregard to cotton pickers... I picked cotton myself at a time in my life!)

Recently, not happy in the church we were attending... We sought out to find another.  They are all very small in this community.  Nothing like the 3,000 person church we came from.

These are under a hundred and small and there is something we can't put our finger on going on in these churches.  We chose one, and since no one knows me here.. I am going to be totally honest.

We have been going for 2 years now.  And I noticed, very little praying.  Very little dinners at others houses, and while we invited people over... It's really hard to understand everyone's different food allergy diet.  Everyone at this church has a food allergy or special diet of some kind.  The kids are screaming and running around during the service and I can't concentrate!!  And everything after the service is centered around food!!!!!

Every time someone from the church sees my officer on the road they text me they saw him.

Like what am I supposed to do with that knowledge?


I have heard more stories about things that happened when Offiers came over to their neighbors houses.. and I have been asked more times then a handful on Facebook.... "what is lifeflight responding to?" 

"I don't know!.....??"

Sidenote..... Anyone else just want to veg without the scanner on during your off times... while you're at home?

So we have been sneaking off to another church for the last few weeks... and it was nice not having anyone know who we were....

Till we went to the evening bible study.


We walk in and the pastor looks straight at my Officer and says.... "I saw you today You drive a patrol car"

Crap... Crap.... Crap....!!!!!!!!

Head down I sighed.  It took less then 4 minutes for everyone to veer our way and notice him and plot in their brains what they were going to say and do.  (Don't think I am kidding here... Keep reading!)

After the study one elderly lady plopped up and ran over.. leaning over my Officer and loudly asked him about a major case going on in the county.  "Are they going to catch them?"  She demanded.

I wanted to say, 'No, we don't care about that type of crime.. we only care about the theft of donut crimes!'  That would be funny if you knew that in the whole part of the county we are in .. there isn't a donut store around for 30-40 minutes.  NO MAPLE BARS SHOULD BE A CRIME!!!!  in my humble opinion!

Then as she is attacking my husband I am side swiped by a female with her number on a piece of paper.  She comes right up to me saying "I hear he's an Officer.  I'm so glad, I finally have an 'in' to get what I want.."  and proceeds to tell me this long story of how she has called the Sheriff's department over and over looking for help to re-set up a neighborhood watch and no one will call her back.

Ok.. let's stop right there.......  When someone tells me or Officer that 'no one will call them back' that usually sends red flags up the back of my neck... screaming...... troublemakers!!!! Abort!!! Abort!!! Do not get close... do not share info with!!!!  They are high demand citizens!!!! Danger Danger!!!!!

I wish I could say I was misreading the situation.

Sadly, I knew I wasn't.

I stopped her in mid sentence.  Between her breaths.... And stated the obvious... "That's not his agency.  Sorry, you will need to continue to call them."

And then she went on and on about what she was doing and what she needed... and the whole time I was just trying to figure out how to get out of there!

I noticed Officer was at the door.... waiting for me... having just escaped the women that barbarded him with questions and as I was freeing myself from this woman at my side I noticed another man was coming up to my Officer.  I waved my hand to him.... calling out... "Oh I'm sorry, I'm ready."

Officer looked at his watch and commented "We need to hurry if you want to make it before closing."

"Yes, we need to!" I didn't make it in time.  The man latched on and tried to start conversation with my Officer.

It was at that moment... that the nicest woman came up to me.  Extended her hand with a smile and introduced herself to me.  "I think we know each other from a previous bible study."  She never once mentioned what my husband did for a living.  Or asked for a favor.  Or demanded more patrol in a specific area.  Or asked how we were handling a case...

I was taking by surprise!  A pleasant one.  But seeing my husband and knowing we actually needed to get to the store before it closed so we could have milk in the morning I politely excused myself and repeated her name over and over again as we walked to the car.

My Officer looked at me oddly till we got in the car and I blurted it all out and he laughed.

I wish I could say I laughed.  But I can't.  And as I type this post out.. I am left wondering.. is she really just a nice person... or does she secretly want something from us?

I went home.  Closed and locked the door behind us.  Something most people in this county don't ever do.  And I proceeded to stay awake the entire night running those 2 women's actions in my brain.  They acted like they had never seen a christian officer before!

And I realized, I am going to have to train them on how to treat me and what is proper and not proper to say in front of us.  Or I am forever never going to be able to go to a church ever again.

And since we know, I need God and I need the body of the church.... Looks like I am going to be training.

So.... Here is the question... what do you guys say when people come up and impose themselves on you while you are trying to learn and worship God?  

Or am I just making a big deal out of this that really isn't a really big deal?

Because it feels like a big deal to me.  Not for our selfish, we want to worship like other people.  Because I know we aren't like other people.  But for several reasons:

Others are uncomfortable around Officers.  What if there is a prior hoodlum trying to get his life together and going to the church and we are now there and he doesn't feel comfortable? 

What about my safety?  People are already pissed at him because they decided not to follow the law and Officer had to respond.... what if they take it out on me when Officer couldn't attend?

I really really don't like people knowing where we live!!!!!!!!!

And people in this area of the county... tend to think the laws are different for them.... Or plain don't apply to them.

If you knew how many places we can't eat around here..... well, put it this way.... I cook all our meals!!!

So I am left with several things...

1. I need to carry all the time!  Officer is right and that will start from this post on!!!
2. I need to find a way to politely tell people to stop ... we are trying to worship.
3. I .......

It just seems like a huge task that I will NEVER succeed in.

The big city was great for worshiping.  No one ever bothered us like this.  Yes, they asked questions... But never this blatant and rudely!

But mark my words... first person that asks him if he ever shot anyone before.... Like someone always does.... is going to be laid out on the pew by me personally!!!!

Seriously folks.... some questions are just plain RUDE!!  Think before we speak.

Yes, I am asking for a lot from some citizens!

Sigh... Ugh

So from now on.. If you come up to us and ask us something inappropriate it.. I will follow it up with this.... "If my husband was the supervisor for McDonald's would you be coming up to him and telling him how to make the hamburgers?" If they respond with a yes.... Then I will just calmly say as we walk away.  "Good to know... At least we now know who to avoid!"

I am a firm believer that people teach us how to treat them! 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bribery, It's a bad idea... - Officer

I was on patrol and observed a very unsafe traffic violation.  Now remember, this is a violation.  While in a worst case scenario, it can kill you, or someone else.  But, as is more typical, you are just going to get a ticket, maybe a point on your license if your state subscribes to some such system, and possibly a higher premium rate for your insurance, if not sent packing to look for new insurance, depending on how many of these "points" you are looking to put on your scoreboard.

I stopped the individual for the violation.  Part of our contact, is informing the driver that they are being recorded.  After hearing his story (read excuse as to why he had to pass a rather large slow moving vehicle in a blind corner) I returned to my patrol vehicle with the intent on writing him a ticket, which in our state carries a presumptive fine amount (presumptive because that is the state standard, but a judge can lower or raise it depending on the gravity of the violation) which is reasonable.

I returned to the violator, a young man, who I later learned was not too bright, but I digress into our story, with the ticket.  I began explaining the ticket to him, and he whipped out a wad o' cash and asked me, while flipping $100.00 bills, if he could pay the ticket right now.  I further explained that he needed to pay the court if he chose to pay the ticket, and how to go about doing that.  Without missing a beat he offered me time and a half the presumptive fine to "tear up the ticket right now".  I was caught off guard for that one and asked him to repeat himself, as I wanted to be sure of what I was hearing.

Now, this young man did exactly that, and repeated himself, offering me a bribe to tear up the ticket.  It was the next step which caught the driver off guard.  He was asked to step out of the vehicle, placed under arrest and in hand cuffs for a felony crime, and placed into the back of my patrol unit.  I then towed his car because it was parked in an unsafe location, and seized the cash and placed it into evidence.  He went from a ticket to facing up to 3 years in prison.  But wait, there is more... (future post) 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Remember when Soap Came in a Box? - Dispatcher

This morning as I woke up to the coffee Officer puts by my side of the bed I immediately started thinking and pondering the Ferguson ordeal. 

While in the kitchen making his lunch and starting his breakfast I was still mulling over in my brain about all the details. 

Officer walks in and mentions how he has spent all morning on a soapbox in his brain...

Intrigued I ask him to explain.  And he proceeds to say exactly what I was thinking in my brain....

Things I won't waste your time with.  But I know most of you that read this have been thinking.  Which leads me to tell you all... You are normal! 

Ok, maybe I will waste your time.....

Seriously?  How is destroying property that belongs to other people in your community that you share so much in common with right?  Watts STILL hasn't recovered from 1960's riots!

2 negatives don't make a positive!

Don't you see they are dividing us even further?

How is threatening to rape and kill Officers family solve any issue of  you feeling as if you don't belong?

Have you not been paid back for any ill wrong that was done to your ancestors through the welfare system?  I wonder what your ancestors would say if they were here.  I can't even imagine how they would feel about it.

How is it that the Jewish people whom have come to near extinction over and over again never complain about it?  They actually flourish and succeed through the diversity of people trying to kill them all off... over and over!!

Can you not see that you are selling your souls for cell phones and healthcare?

I could go on....

But it won't change a thing.  You can't change people that don't want to change.  Being a victim is a mentality that one must want to be.  If you were a reader of this blog for long you know that I have more then 1 reason to claim 'victim'  but I declare that I am not a victim. 

I am a triumphant successor!  I have come face to face with evil and I have beat it's rear back to the door and closed it. 

That is what I chose!  Everyday, I choose that mentality! 

And I can not understand people that don't want to be successful and live a life within the laws that everyone else must live. 

I can not understand why someone would want to take something that is not, and was not, intended or earned by them. 

And with that comment I will step down and get back to ironing the fabric so I can make more Chemo hats!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dreamin'... - Officer

Been absent a while, but hope to get this going a little more frequently.  Since I last blogged, I changed agencies again, one to a little more close to home.  I hate commuting.  I was loosing 3 hours plus a day of my life.  Oh, and in case you forgot, I am not politically correct... I mean, because really, political correctness is all arbitrary anyway.  If we all got together and voted on it, OK, maybe, but we don't.  One whining sniveling person says they are offended, and then we all have to BACK OFF!  Well is that the way it is?  OK, I wanna play.  You know what offends me?  Offended people who are trying to change our country into their idea of Xanadu.  It doesn't exist people, wake up.

Speaking of dreaming, I just responded to a collision the other day.  A young man was traveling too fast on curvy wet roads with bald tires and surprise surprise, he went off into the embankment and flipped his car.  No one in the vehicle with the 20 year old man and the dang fool managed to not get hurt.  He did however total his mother's car. 

So while conducting the investigation, he told me that he did not have a driver's license.  I ran him, and our state had a file number for him at the DMV though.  I saw he had 2 prior tickets for driving without a license, and a ticket for speeding.  Guess what he got.  A ticket for driving without a license and one for speeding.  Know his response?  "It'll all be alright when I am approved for my 'Dreamer Status' from the federal government." 

Really?  He can't obey this nations laws to begin with.  We are not just talking about being here illegally, but not obeying several simple laws regarding the required and safe operation of a motor vehicle?  And we are just going to wipe this young man's slate clean?  I can certainly say that would not occur in the country he wants to make this one like.  Keep dreamin...