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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Make Friends With Your Enemies Then!!!! - Dispatcher

I have been wondering about life a lot lately...

In the middle of the disaster that is about to take place in Missouri!  And watching all the news that is going on.  And the fact that Officer and I like to be prepared for just about anything... and we seem to not fit in to that community.

I have never lived in a small town before and this one seems to be a challenge.  Lets just say, everyone expects to be your friend and get favors from your man... but no one wants to follow the rules that make that possible. 


Can I curse here?  I so want to curse...


There I did it.. no one tell Officer!  Please!!!! 

I may not work in the LE field anymore.  But I am a supporter of one still.  And I still keep up with the community and laws.  and I have a voice that many may share.  So for that I am going to attempt to blog a bit and we shall see what you all think. 

What would I blog about? 

How about ALL the times someone in this community has asked me for my man to do them a favor?

How about how I have to drive 90 miles out of my wait to get my hair done without being drilled about all the things my man needs to do????  And I am pretty sure my bad die job may not have been a mistake after all!!!!!

How about how all the preppers out there are shunning police.. and bad talking them and against them... and well..... Dude seriously, you better make friends with your enemies!!! 

My officer does his job.  I stand behind him 100%!!!!  I know his heart, value and ethics and I support him.

I also see the look in his eyes when he reads a magazine that he loved and comes to an article when they start bashing cops...

And I cancel the magazine subscription the very next day. 

So I will lay it out there.... lets ask this question...

How many officers/dispatchers are preppers/survivalists? 

How many of you wish you were but don't have the time? 

And how many want a place where you can be free to share .... and not be bombarded with cop haters? 

But you would have to put up with my rants about stupid people still..... Because even 800+ miles away the stupid people still find me!!!

and dear sir, what gives you the right to come up to my land, pretending to want to help ME.... while really looking for my husband the entire time you are talking to me???  And when he comes out to protect me.. standing behind me... you start talking to him about your issues??????? 

He is not your personal LEO and you weren't invited!!! And it is his day off!!!!

For goodness sake I never even asked my own officer the questions some of these are asking me to ask him!!!!! 

"Did you arrest the cook at the community center!!"

My response "No mother, I won't ask him that!!!!!"

Not to mention... Everytime someone passes him on the only freeway that goes through the county.... I get a text message.. "I just saw your man!!"

Like how am I supposed to respond to that??  "Oh goodie, did he give you a ticket?"  "Yes, I did also this morning when I made him breakfast and his lunch and kissed him off to keep you all safe!"

I won't even start on the scanner ..... that's a whole other post all in it's own.

Hahahaha... Ok... what do you think?  Because I miss you guys... 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Tap... Tap....... Tap TAP!!!!!! Is anyone out there? - Dispatcher

Hello people!  My friends and LEO community.  I have thought of you often and well, I have been busy! 

I must admit, I don't have really awesome stories that much anymore.  California really does have more then their fair share of crime and weirdness going on.  But I thought I would log on just to check in on how things were doing here....

Did Google delete my account yet?  Are we still here? 

You know the drill! 

And to my shock and surprise we actually had quite a few messages out there and many were informing us they entered us in a contest and we won... or they wanted to interview us for working in the LEO community and blogging about it. 

And here I missed out on all that.....

Ok, and Officer will be really upset on the blogger about police products and such... He's huge into trying stuff out. 

Just know he is also really picky and honest!  ;-)

So, out of curiosity... is anyone still out there? 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

They're Hiring!!!! -Dispatcher

So I am looking through the local newspaper and what do I see? 

The agency that I just left is, yep, hiring again!!!!

I went in to see some of the co-workers a month ago and the boss was sitting at the console.  He asks me if I want my job back and I starred at him.

"Is the mapping fixed?" I ask.

He replies, "No"

I continue, "Is the computer addressing fixed?"

He replies, "No"

I state "Then Nope!  But thank you for asking!"

The next few weeks I go in there again and am introduced to several new hires.  Yeah!!! They have new people to help!!

And today, I am looking in the paper and what do I see? 

A nice add that states they are hiring for dispatchers!!

For the size of their agency they hire more then the large agency I came from ever did in the 8 years I worked there!!

So I ask Officer, as a joke, knowing his reply, "Shall I apply?" 

I'll let you guess at the expression on his face.  It was priceless!!! So was the "Oh Hell No!!!"

I think he likes just how spoiled he is now that I am home and not busy with that 'work' thing!  In fact I know he is happy with just how spoiled he is.  I make him his own yogurt and snacks and homemade bread for his sandwiches and I figured out how to make lunch meat cheaper then you can get in the grocery store!! 

Which he sends me a text that he is ruined and will never be able to go back to the fake tasting deli meat!!

Now, that is some awesome job security!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Urgent... Indiana Needs to Hear our Voice!!! - Dispatcher

I don't usually post this stuff.. but recently had a friend call and let me know about it.  So a quick log in to say hello and wish you all well... I will be posting again soon... But feel this is extremely important to do.  

First read the article about what they are doing in Indiana (Indiana house backs bill on right to resist police) .. it still hasn't been through the final voting process.. So we have a short time to be heard and fight for the men and woman in blue (and their families) in Indiana!  Then let's call the governor and let him know what we really think of what he is doing to our family in blue!!!
I miss you all!  Can't wait to hear about what you are all up too!!! 

Here is the contact info for Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana:
Phone: 317-232-4567
By snail mail: Office of the Governor, Statehouse, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797
Email: visit his website at www.in.gov/gov/2631.htm, click on Email the Gov.
Lets do it like this: Monday morning, at 8 a.m. Indiana time, start calling the phone number to ask the Gov to veto Senate Bill 1.
Write a followup letter and mail it to the snail mail address
Email a third followup.
This will take you 30 minutes tops to do all three and this will bury the Gov's office. Language in your email and letter should be cordial, firm and include a reminder that there are 900,000 sworn officers in the US; that means well over 1 million registered voters across the nation.
Always be cordial, professional and to the point.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Just plain determined to be right - Officer

Dispatch sends me a call.  The essentials boil down to a dispute over a parking stall in a large grocery store parking lot.  2 vehicles were coming from opposite directions and saw a vehicle begin to back out of the stall.  Both the waiting vehicles put their turn signals on indicating they were waiting for the spot, so what it came to was which way the vehicle backed out, there in, blocking one from getting the spot. 

To the victor go the spoils is the old saying.  Well, our caller won the spot.  Apparently the other driver drove off, seeking a parking spot elsewhere.  Unbeknownst to our caller, the supposed loser went back to the caller's car and wrote in the dust on the back of her car, "I CAN'T DRIVE!"  Our caller saw this and was infuriated.  She called the police from the parking lot, alleging vandalism.  We had no units to respond.  She then drove home and called insisting a unit be sent.  No units available.  A little while longer, and she calls a third time, demanding an officer be sent now, or she will drive to the police station.

I had just cleared a call, running calls back to back and was ready for a little code 7 action (lunch) when dispatch tags me before I could go out in my hidy hole.  Dispatch is very frustrated with the caller, and would like me to investigate a misuse of 911.  I head over to the caller's address and see her pulling out of her driveway and into the street, apparently tired of waiting and in route to the station.  She sees lucky little ol' me, and backs into her driveway. 

I make contact and during the course of the investigation, determine our hapless caller has a suspended driver's license and should not be driving.  I also determine there is no damage to the car, only embarrassment.  I further establish she has no follow up information regarding the would be vandal, and also that in addition to her driving suspended, she has no insurance.

I issue her a citation for driving suspended and no insurance, about $900.00 in tickets, and tell her I will write up her complaint.  I further advised her about the misuse of 911.  She is outraged.  She starts yelling about how she called and a crime was committed against her.  I calmly explain that in light of all of the information, with my learning that there was no damage to the vehicle, that her license was suspended and she had no insurance, that according to her driver record, she is a habitual offender and had a list of violations encompassing almost 3 pages, that what the woman wrote on the back of her car was not only the truth, but a public service announcement, and we can't prosecute that!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bait cars - Officer

At Big Metro City PD where I used to work, I know auto theft was a serious problem.  We had a variety of small import vehicles seized through asset forfeiture that we would put out as "bait cars" for auto thieves and then assign U. C. units to sit on them and wait for the theft to occur, which would eventually happen, and then chase them all crazy to get them.
Well in my new agency Medium Size City PD, we have "bait cars" too, but they bring a whole new game to the playing field.  Our bait cars are again small import vehicles seized in asset forfeiture, but then we revamp them and bring them to a whole new level. 
The cars are first outfit with GPS tracking.  Then they are equipped with several night vision concealed video cameras so as to capture photographs of anyone in any seat in the vehicle.  Then we install a kill switch and remote door lock.  This allows us to not waste resources sitting on the vehicle, but alerts dispatch when any door is opened.  They then start watching remote video feed and tracking the vehicle.  They put out the bait car activation and start sending locations to the field units.  When we have enough units behind the vehicle, we alert dispatch, they throw the kill switch, the vehicle engine dies, and the doors auto-lock, trapping the occupants inside.  When we are set up and ready, we tell dispatch to unlock the vehicle, and remove the occupants at our convenience.  It takes some of the sport out of it, but it still has high marks for just plain fun, "like shooting fish in a barrel". 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Stupid or just plain ignorant - Officer

I was called to a shoplift at one of the "national high end department stores" in town.  Here is this occupy wall street protestor shop lifting watches to sell for cigarettes.  He is nonchalant about his crimes, which technically are worth about $62.00 in theft.  In his bag, I find several more watches, which he proudly proclaims he stole from another large chain store on Black Friday.  I personally know he was picked up shoplifting at yet a third chain store a week ago.  He knows the system isn't going to do anything to him, he will be booked, and released with a court date.  He has been given his Miranda rights and is cooperative about telling me about his crimes. 

I go to pat him down for anything else on him, and I feel what I KNOW is a large bag of dried vegetation in his pocket in a plastic baggie.  I haven't smelled any marijuana yet, and ask him about the weed.  He tells me it's not marijuana.  I ask it's not?  He says no.  I ask him if I can pull it out and check.  He says sure!  I pull it out.  He was right.  It wasn't marijuana.  It was mushrooms.  "See! I told you it wasn't weed! It's Mushrooms!" He went on to detail how he had heard about where to get them, and when he had gotten them, never realizing weed, which is a ticket in our state, was nothing like mushrooms, a felony.  Oooops!